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    JetsamThis exhibition is the culmination of three and half years of practice-based research examining the natural environment through physical and imagined encounters. Following John Ruskin’s proposed method of closely observing detail, Rohr’s work speaks of ecological responsibility as the drawings are intended to celebrate and mourn a vanishing world of natural diversity. The drawings’ overall intentions are to encourage a reconsideration of our relationship to the environment, promoting caretaking and respect.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication statusPublished - 29 Mar 2016
    EventJetsam - Storey Institute / Lancaster
    Duration: 29 Mar 20164 Apr 2016

    Bibliographical note

    The exhibition shows the visual outcomes of a larger research project which weaves together the visual and the verbal as text. The written aspect of the research is currently unpublished and is subjected to further editorial process prior to part publication. Visual strategies have been tested in progress and in part in previous exhibitions, in particular in group show "Line- An Ambiguous Journey" 2015 Culturlann Belfast and two person show Rohr/Geddis "Dwindling Abundance" Georgian Gallery Newtownards 2016. Preparatory drawings have been shown in postgraduate research group shown "In-Betweenness" Storey Institute Lancaster in conjunction with Lancaster Institute of the Contemporary Arts, Lancaster University in 2015. All preparatory installations were developmental stages and differ significantly from the synthesis of the overall body of work installed and selected for "Jetsam".
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    Outputmediatype: Exhibition of paper based drawings and paintings


    • drawing observation perception insight ecology nature disaster phenomenology narrative stream of consciousness weather marine


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