Joint Coding for Proactive Caching with Changing File Popularities

Mohamed Amir Khalil, Ebrahim Bedeer Mohamed, Mohamed Hossam Ahmed, Tamer Khattab

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Proactive caching is a promising technique used to minimize peak traffic rates by storing popular data, in advance, at different nodes in the network. We study a cellular network with one base station (BS) communicating with multiple mobile units (MUs). The BS has a number of cached files to be delivered to the MUs upon demand, and the popularities of these files are changing over time. We show that proactively and constantly updating the MU finite caches and jointly encoding the delivery of different demanded files to the MUs over different time slots minimize the delivery sum rate. We propose two different schemes for a two different scenarios, where the file popularities over time can be either arbitrary increasing or decreasing for the first scheme and decreases with demand for the second scheme. Numerical results show the benefits of the proposed schemes, over conventional caching schemes, in terms of reducing the delivery sum rate.


  • Encoding
  • receivers
  • transmitters
  • cellular networks
  • data mining
  • base stations
  • caching
  • proactive


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